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Notes in Making API 5L Seamless Steel Tube Equipment

Date:2018-04-12    View:767      Tag:Notes in Making API 5L Seamless Steel Tube Equipment
Attention to the manufacture of API 5L seamless steel pipe equipment
A. oil mark: hydraulic pressure tester can prevent oil corrosion through the steel pipe, and mark according to user requirements.
B. level milling: leveling the original steel plate with the anvil press, then milling the sides of the steel plate with the edge milling machine, so as to achieve the required plate width, parallelism and groove shape.
C. shear molding: the steel plate in the production line is rolled along the outer coil.
D. butt welding: seamless steel pipe equipment market adopts advanced double-sided submerged arc welding technology for pre welding, welding and external welding. The welded steel pipe is cut into standard length by plasma bar.
E. visual inspection: some basic parameters are checked by professional and technical personnel.
F. ultrasonic flaw detection: the development of scrap steel inside and outside the weld and base metal 100% inspection.
G. X ray inspection: 100% internal and external weld X ray industrial TV inspection. Image processing system is used to ensure detection sensitivity.
H. pressure test: root inspection is carried out on the hydraulic test machine on the steel pipe to ensure that the steel pipe reaches the required standard test pressure.
I. chamfering flat head: seamless steel tube equipment will be processed through pipe ends after processing, so as to achieve the required pipe end (spiral welded pipe unit) groove size.
J. last check: the straightening machine will undergo ultrasonic and X ray examination again, and end the magnetic particle testing to check whether there are welding problems and pipe end defects.
K. uncoiler plate exploration: after opening the steel plate into the production line, we first conduct full board ultrasonic testing.
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