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Difference between Hot Galvanized and Cold Galvanized

Date:2018-01-12    View:1053      Tag:Difference between Hot Galvanized and Cold Galvanized

Hot galvanized is the addition of some auxiliary material to the molten zinc at a high temperature, and then attaching the zinc-dip bath metal structure to the metal member on the zinc layer. Hot-dip galvanizing with anti-corrosion ability, coating adhesion, good hardness and so on.
Cold galvanized is the use of the degreased workpiece electrolysis device, the pickling component is zinc salt solution, and connected to the cathode electrolysis device; zinc electrolysis device placed on the front of the connecting plate, the power supply is reversed, moving from the positive to negative direction current The use of it to deposit a layer of zinc on the workpiece.

Hot dip galvanized is chemically treated and is an electrochemical reaction.
Cold galvanized is a physical treatment, brushing only galvanized surface layer, easy to fall off. Hot-dip galvanized in the construction of a wide range of applications. Continuous hot-dip galvanizing process: galvanized steel → heating → cooling to temperature → galvanizing → cooling.

Hot-dip galvanized steel is the workpiece through the rust, the surface of non-polluting, non-corrosive surface, immediately immersed in preheated molten zinc bath, the workpiece surface coating with a layer of zinc plating method.
Cold galvanized rust, pollution-free, invasive workpiece connected to the plating bath, the cathode dedicated to the anode, zinc anode. DC power is turned on, the anode zinc ions migrate to the cathode, the cathode discharge, the workpiece surface coated with zinc layer.

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