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Why does oil drilling choose thick-walled seamless steel tubes?

Date:2018-04-16    View:727      Tag:Why does oil drilling choose thick-walled seamless steel tubes?
Petroleum is the most important energy in the world today. It is widely used. Many devices need to use oil to run normally. For example, we often use cars, planes, generators, etc. If there is no oil, then our life will be a very big change.

So now, oil drilling is ongoing. During the period of oil drilling, thick walled seamless steel tubes with this material are widely used. Many people may be more puzzled. Thick walled seamless steel tube is hollow, and its strength should be very small, rather than using solid steel columns.
Indeed, the steel tube column is thicker than the thick wall seamless steel tube, and its strength is much higher. But the strength of thick walled seamless steel tube is still very strong. The most important thing is that it has great advantage, that is, its vibration is very small. After all, thick wall seamless steel pipe is hollow, when drilling, it can be good transmission of impact force, make the bit stable, suitable for oil drilling, is the best choice.
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