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High Preesure Steel Pipe

Date:2018-03-05    View:1018      Tag:High Preesure Steel Pipe
High-pressure steel pipe for the manufacture of steel pressure vessels and pipe quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel seamless steel pipe.

Manufacturing methods are divided into hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) and cold-rolled two. The diameter of hot-rolled (squeezed, expanded) 22-530mm steel pipe ranges from 2 to 70mm; the diameter of cold-drawn (rolled) pipe ranges from 10mm to 8mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 2mm to 13mm.

High-pressure steel pipe has good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature, strict control of quality, suitable for all kinds of workplace high-pressure conditions. High pressure boiler pipe is mainly used for oil fields, high pressure fuel pipes, fertilizer equipment and pipelines.

High-pressure pipe installation and low-pressure pipe installation requirements are similar, but higher requirements, the more stringent requirements, therefore, in addition to requirements, low-pressure pipe installation requirements, the following requirements should still be implemented.

For the installation of high pressure pipes, fittings, fasteners and valves must pass the test, and with the corresponding technical documents, should be properly transported to the scene, clearly marked, neatly arranged. Before installation, the inner and outer surfaces should be wiped clean and the foreign matter in the passage should be checked. Check the nozzle and gasket surface roughness to meet the requirements, shall not affect the sealing performance of the sealing surface scratches (especially radial scratches), spots and other defects, except degreasing pipe, the nozzle and the surface of the gasket coated Oil or butter or white petrolatum protection. High-pressure pipe through the threaded part of the inspection and approval, in addition to the provisions of degreasing tube, but also painted protective agent to protect graphite or molybdenum disulfide lubricant delivery.

Pipe installation, you should use the official fixed pipe racks, pipe racks and high pressure pipe, pipe fittings contact design requirements should be installed protective cover. Install the exposed high pressure flange pipe end chamfer. When installing the gasket, do not use the method of dipping the wire in advance and apply the butter. The soft metal high-pressure gaskets should be accurately placed in the sealed shell. The flange bolts shall be symmetrically tightened evenly without excess. After the bolts are tightened, the two concentric flanges shall be parallel. The outer sides of the exposed nuts shall be 2 to 3 buckles, at least not less than 2 buttons, and the bolts shall be uniformly exposed. In the process of installation, do not use strong pull, strong push, twist or modify the strong seal, etc. to compensate for the thickness of manufacturing or installation error. Continuous pipeline installation can not be completed, should promptly close the water inlet. Sampling site on the instrument should be installed in the pipeline.
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