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Ceramic-lined Carbon Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-27    View:475      Tag:Ceramic-lined Carbon Steel Pipe
It is essentially different from traditional steel pipe, wear-resistant alloy steel pipe, cast stone and plastic pipe, steel tube and other rubber ceramic tubes. The ceramic tube is the external and internal corundum of the steel. The hardness of corundum layer Vivtorinox is 1100-1500 (Rockwell hardness 90-98), equivalent to tungsten cobalt hard gold. The wear resistance of the steel tube is more than 20 times higher than that of the carbon steel pipe, and is much better than the common corundum wheel. It is still the hardened steel main wheel of all kinds of corundum grinding wheel grinder. The wear layer of the corundum ceramic Guan Gangyu grinding wheel can be picked up. The corundum layer of the wear-resistant ceramic tube may be formed mainly by the thickness of a few millimeters. The Moir hardness is 9, second only to the diamond and the silicon carbide, all of which are oxide, which is the highest hardness. The tube and component alumina is only about 20%, most of which are SiO2 and Mohs hardness is 7. 7. high chromium wear resistant alloy tube or Vivtorinox hardness is about 400 (Rockwell hardness is about 50); corundum lacks hardness third. Therefore, wear-resistant alloy steel pipe and wear-resistant cast steel tube are influenced not only by the composition and microstructure of the steel, but also on the wear resistance of the ceramic tubes.

The melting point of ceramic tube corundum produced by SHS centrifugal method is 2045 C, and the stress field of the corundum and the structure of the corundum is special because of the special process. Under the action of room temperature compressive stress, the steel layer is subjected to tensile stress, and the opposite is the same as that of the ceramic layer. Only when the temperature rises above 400 degrees C, due to the thermal expansion coefficient between the two, the new stress field and the existing stress field of the thermal expansion of the ceramic tube counteract each other, making the steel layer of the ceramic layer free balance. When the temperature rises to 900 C, the ceramic lined steel pipe enters the water, and the times of repeated soaking are more, the composite layer is not cracked or cracked, which shows the unrivalled thermal shock resistance of the common ceramics. This performance will be useful in engineering construction, because its outer steel, plus the internal temperature, will not produce cracks in the structure of the flange, blowing the port, the explosion-proof door can be welded directly to the welding method, and can also use the connector, compared with the wear-resistant cast stone tube, the wear-resistant steel pipe, the rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe and the bimetallic composite pipe. The rubber pipes in the construction of steel pipes and steel pipes are not easy to weld or weld. The ceramic lined steel pipe has good mechanical impact resistance. At the same time, two heavy hammer supports are bent and not broken during the transportation process.

Ceramic lined steel pipe has high wear resistance and resistance to fluid erosion. In the wind pipe, the tube wears fastest, and the wear resistance of the ceramic lined steel elbow is increased by more than 5 times than that of the thick steel pipe elbow. In practice, the ceramic lined steel pipe is observed and measured for 1-2 years after opening. The composite layer has no obvious wear or loss. The unit size and length of the pipe are the same. The weight of the ceramic lined steel tube is about 1/2 with the weight of the wear-resistant steel tube or the double metal composite pipe, and the construction cost is reduced by 30-40% per meter, only the cast stone weight steel pipe and the steel pipe are used. The wear resistance of rare earth is about 2/5 per meter, which is lower than the 20% cost of the project. The price of ceramic lined steel pipe is only a small part of stainless steel tube and nickel titanium pipe when it is corroded or used at high temperature.

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