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Spiral steel pipe corrosion process and technical requirements

Date:2018-02-05    View:1174      Tag:Spiral steel pipe corrosion process and technical requirements
Spiral steel pipe anti-corrosion measures and procedures are as follows:
Fluid spiral corrosion requirements are different from other domestic projects, the main difference is:
1. Anti-corrosion coatings within the non-toxic anti-corrosion epoxy coating thickness requirements to meet the specific requirements, we usually use cement mortar.
2. Corrosion of the outer coating spark test voltage more than doubled in the past.
Faced with such a request, we must also strive to improve the quality of a certain extent.
a. We must strictly control the sand treatment process, which is the first process is more important a process, strictly control the sand quality, ensure the quality of anti-rust, to ensure that the primer in one hour on both sides to complete the painting, thus ensuring The quality of basic corrosion.
B. The Next Step We dipped the fiberglass cloth with epoxy coal tar coating and then semi-mechanically wrapped the workers using the bulldozer in the production process to flatten the rolls to ensure a good coating uniformity.
Spiral corrosion of the long life, if the anti-corrosion pipe stacked in the open space of four months, the test, the inner coating without yellowing and other undesirable phenomena, the outer coating can reach the initial KV spark test transmission.
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