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Pickling Technics for Carbon steel pipe

Date:2018-04-27    View:741      Tag:Pickling Technics for Carbon steel pipe
(1) groove pickling. After installation, the installed pipeline is decomposed into acid bath bath after two installation. This method is suitable for a few occasions such as short pipe diameter, large diameter, easy disassembly, small pipeline system and hydraulic pipeline construction, such as pump station and valve station, can be washed by trough acid.
(2) pipeline pickling. The hydraulic components installed in the hydraulic pipeline are disconnected or dismantled by hoses, the takeover is carried out, the flush joint is flushed, and the flushing circuit is formed. Acid pump acid enters the loop circuit for pickling. Acid washing is a more advanced construction technology in recent years. It has fast acid washing speed, good effect, simple process and convenient operation. It reduces the pollution to the human body and the environment, reduces the labor intensity, shortens the pipeline installation cycle, solves the complicated problem of long Guan Xianhe pipe pickling, and in order to avoid the two pollution problems through pickling. Easy to assemble, it has been widely used in the construction of large hydraulic system piping.

The acid washing formula and the process pipe will cause the tube wall unreasonable, can not completely remove the oxide, the tube wall is overly corroded, the tube wall corrosion and the residual chemical reaction in the tube are precipitated again.
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