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P92 high pressure boiler tube based on P91 steel

Date:2018-05-03    View:638      Tag:P92 high pressure boiler tube based on P91 steel
P92 high-pressure boiler tube is based on P91 steel, using a variety of enhanced new ferritic heat-resistant alloy steel pipe, good high temperature strength and creep properties of the research and development approach. Compared to P91, which is used at the highest temperature, P91 is used as a replacement for heads and steam pipes in the high temperature and pressure parts of large metal-fired boilers. Due to the tungsten, molybdenum compound solution, and reinforced multi-reinforcement devices, the P92 performance test P91 difficult-to-grind device is quite large, and the temperature selection scroll range is narrow. The team members of the technology center, based on summing up past experience, put high alloy tube system technology into full consideration of the equipment's production capacity and production process conditions, and actively explored the two-tube Assel rolling mill to improve the heating system, optimize the process parameters, and tools. The distribution of shape and deformation, in strict accordance with the internal control standards of production units, successfully rolled Φ168×30mmp92 high-pressure boiler tubes.

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