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FBE Coating

Date:2018-05-07    View:734      Tag:FBE Coating
FBE anticorrosive tube is a new type of coating developed over the past 30 years. It uses electrostatic spraying technology to coat epoxy powder coatings. The coating has the advantages of simple coating operation, no pollution, good impact resistance and bending resistance, high temperature resistance and high resistance. It has been widely used abroad.

FBE coating is made of solid epoxy resin, curing agent and various additives. It is a kind of thermosetting material mixed, comminuted and processed. After coating, the steel pipe was heated to 220-230 degrees, and the surface of the steel pipe was sprayed on the surface of the steel pipe by electrostatic adsorption coating. Hot melt adhesive cools and solidifies. The thickness of single FBE coating is 300-500um, and the thickness of double FBE is generally controlled at 450-1000um. FBE coating has many advantages, such as excellent adhesion, high insulation, resistance to soil stress, anti aging, resistance to cathodic stripping, temperature resistance, resistance to bacteria and cathodic protection. But there are disadvantages such as poor mechanical shock resistance and high water absorption.

FBE anticorrosion tube products are applied to:
Coal mine: suitable for coal mine drainage, underground spray, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, anti sprinkler head and other pipe network.
Power plant: waste water in thermal power plant, water supply pipeline.
Fire protection: suitable for sprinkler and sprinkler system.
Expressway: cable protection bushing for power, communication, highway and so on.
Municipal Engineering: for high-rise building water supply, heating network heating, water supply engineering, gas transmission pipeline, buried water pipeline and so on.
Sewage treatment: sewage treatment sewage pipe, sewage pipe and biological pool anticorrosion engineering.
Agriculture: agricultural irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipe network and so on.
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