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Field requirements for casing operation

Date:2018-05-24    View:885      Tag:Field requirements for casing operation
On site, downhole operations should be performed in accordance with API RP 5C1. Prepare and inspect casing pipe before use. Prepare thread grease and pliers with a torque control system to API BUL 5A2. Specific operational requirements are as follows.

(1) The newly delivered casing pipe shall be checked for any harmful defects specified in API Spec 5CT and shall be limited to the test methods and operating ranges specified in the standard.
(2) All casing pipe, whether new, used or repaired, shall be threaded at all times frequently with a protective wire. Whenever possible, the casing pipe shall be placed on a stone free, sand or dirty Mud (except for normal drilling mud) on a bench, plank or metal surface. If you accidentally drag the casing pipe into the soil, should re-clean the thread.
(3) For long oil and casing string, it is recommended to use sliding type elevator. Chuck and slip shall be clean, undamaged, and properly fitted. For heavy oil, casing string, extra long slips should be used and the chuck must be level.
(4) If the hoisting hook is used, check whether the bearing surface is unevenly worn or not. This wear and tear can cause the hoop side to rise and the coupling piece to come out of danger. When the load acts on the bearing surface, Load should be evenly distributed.

(5) Check the chucks on the chuck and elevator, and make sure they are released together. Otherwise, it is possible to dent or slip the tube.

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