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Function and repair of P110 casing

Date:2018-05-24    View:762      Tag:Function and repair of P110 casing
P110 casing plays an important role in oil well operation. They can protect shallow and shallow oil wells, and also support oil and gas transportation and drilling. Support the weight of wellhead and other layers to prevent collapse. In order to ensure the smooth completion of drilling and the completion of well operation, ensure that the pipeline can be well pumped and the air pump is sent to the ground.

As the lifeline of oil well operation, the oil casing should have higher quality requirements. Because, if the pipeline is damaged by special reasons, it may directly lead to oil production reduction, or even lead to the direct abandonment of exploration wells. Therefore, there are many requirements for casing selection, and the selection should be based on different geology and underground pressure. It is suggested that when the casing is purchased, the normal casing is purchased, and the complete casing is maintained under the action of medium pull, pressure, bending, torsion and so on. Do not try to become cheaper. Even though the geological conditions are different, in general, all underground pressure conditions are not good. So a good oil jacket is your best choice.

(1) how to reduce the erosion of sand to coal seam.
High precision punching technology is applied to the performance of the punch on the opening side of the filter pipe.

(2) how to ensure the reliability of sand control.
The external force of the casing part is extruded, so that the external force is reduced under pressure, or the clearance is reduced or reduced. If the stamping bushing of the punching tube is along the axial direction, straight seam welding can be used.
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