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Structural Grade Steel Pipe

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Structural Grade Steel Pipe

A leading structural steel pipe supplier, DMH United Steel & Supply Company stocks large quantities of ASTM A252 Grade 2 & Grade 3 Carbon Steel Pipe. On-hand inventory includes 2" - 48" OD in various thicknesses. Limited service pipe is readily available on our yard.

We have a few customizing and selling pipelines for customers in the field of construction, road construction, bridge construction, public facilities, marine buildings and oil field construction. Our welded steel pipe products are installed by those who perform horizontal road drilling, directional drilling and piling procedures for these industries. We have two professional fields. The first includes the production of 20'dead zone stocks as steel sleeves, such as road sleeves, culverts, opening sleeves, open tunnel sleeves and well casing. The above picture shows 20 parts of our yard. The second includes customized steel pipe piling, such as foundation piles, bridge piles and ocean piling, including wharf piles, wharf piling and deep water pipe piles.

Fabricated to Length

We bevel cut, weld and coat casings and pilings to your specifications. Our standard cutting is to mechanical torch bevel cut to 30°, then perform full penetration circumferential welds. We offer options for mid-welds or no welds depending upon the length required. We have production capacity to process pipe up to + - 93 ft. in length. Options include welding and fabricating steel plate, shoes, and conical points. Lining and Coating options include bituminous coating, coal tar epoxy coating, and cement lining for the different types of applications.

Other structural pipe applications include: sign posts, roadway billboard signs, caissons, and tower construction such as in water towers. A third specialty niche, we manufacture pipe bollards. Usually 6 - 12" in diameter, cut to lengths so that about 3 - 4 feet or so will protrude above the ground, encased in concrete, and painted reflective yellow or some noticeable color as compared to the surrounding background scenery, bollards are normally used to protect a zone and to form a barrier from vehicle traffic. A bollard is a rigid post, usually arranged in a line or a closed-loop path to close parking lot traffic from entering the protected space, such as in surrounding gas pump islands, shielding storefront entranceways, and enclosing complete parking lots.

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We supply and sell carbon steel pipe in every type and grade. Call for all current pipe prices, types, and quantities on hand. Email:sales@united-steel.com

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