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The main equipment for the production of LSAW pipes

Date:2018-05-25    View:356      Tag:The main equipment for the production of LSAW pipes
The main equipment for the pipe production is as follows:

Steel milling machine: machined metal plates are machined on both sides, forming the required shape at a time. And the parallelism of the two plates reaches the prescribed tolerance range, so as to prepare for manufacturing high precision seamless steel pipes.

Sheet prebending machine: the planer will pre bend the edges of the welded steel plates in advance. In order to prevent forming machine from forming steel tube at long straight edges, the edge of the steel plate will have the same curvature radius, and the steel tube will be shaped. Ensure the roundness of the steel.

Fully automatic steel tube forming machine: complete the bending of all kinds of sheet metal.

Pipe pre welding machine: the forming machine is qualified open tubular billet for further joint and pre welding. It is ready for internal and external welding.

Double wire welding machine: automatic submerged arc welding for large diameter straight seam steel pipe, welding trolley transporting workpiece along the track. Use the host to achieve the welding of the workpiece.

Double line welding machine: used for automatic submerged arc welding of straight seam steel pipe and welding vehicle to transport workpiece along track. Use the host to achieve the welding of the workpiece.

Tube finishing machine: a circular tube with poor circular shape, which exerts strong pressure from outside to change the roundness of the tube. Meet the relevant specifications and requirements.

Longmen mobile induction straightener: used for straightening steel cylindrical tubes.

Straight flat head chamfering machine: straight seam steel pipe according to the end of the obtuse angle and chamfer.

Steel tube expander: eliminate pressure.

3000T hydraulic testing machine: pressure test of welded pipe. Eliminate welding stress and forming stress and check whether the pipeline penetrates defects under specified pressure. So as to ensure the use of steel performance.

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