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Usage of carbon steel pipe

Date:2018-05-30    View:604      Tag:Usage of carbon steel pipe
Use of carbon steel pipe:
1. mechanical industrial tube. Such as air structure tube (circular tube, elliptical tube, flat elliptical tube), axle tube, shaft tube, automobile and tractor tube, drag oil cooling pipe, farm square tube and rectangular tube, pressure variable tube and bearing pipe, etc.
2. petroleum geological drilling pipe. Such as: oil drilling rod, oil drilling rod (square drill pipe and six corner drill rod), oil tubing, casing and various oil pipes, geological drill pipe (core pipe, casing, movable drill rod, ring hoop and pin etc.)).
3. chemical industry tube. Such as: oil cracking pipes, chemical equipment, heat exchangers and pipes, stainless acid resistant pipes, chemical fertilizers, high pressure pipes and pipes conveying chemical media.
4. pipe pipe. Such as: water, gas pipeline, seamless pipe steam pipeline, oil pipeline, oil and gas dry pipe. Irrigation water faucets with pipes and sprinkler pipes.
5. heat equipment tube. For example, general boiler water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler superheater tube, smoke pipe, small tube, arch tube and high temperature and high pressure boiler tube.
6. other departments and management. Such as: vessel tube (high pressure cylinder and ordinary container), instrument tube, watch case tube, injection needle and medical device tube.

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