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Pohang has been elected the world's most competitive steel company for 9 consecutive years

Date:2018-07-06    View:572      Tag:Pohang has been elected the world's most competitive steel company for 9 consecutive years
World Steel Dynamics (WSD) held the 33rd Global Steel Survival Strategy Conference, which released the annual list of “World's Most Competitive Steel Companies”. South Korea's Pohang ranked first with 8.37 points (out of 10 points). This is the ninth time that Posco has won this award since 2010.
Posco’s operating profit last year exceeded 4.62 trillion won ($3.8 billion), the highest level in six years, and its combined sales revenue was 60.66 trillion won ($54.2 billion).

The other nine companies entering the top 10 of the "World's Most Competitive Steel Companies" list are: Nucor Steel (7.97 points), VAI (7.95 points), Severstal Steel (7.7 points), New Days Tiejinjin (7.65 points), New Lipetsk Steel (7.65 points), ArcelorMittal (7.49 points), JSW Steel (7.43 points), JFE Steel (7.42 points), Magnitogor, Russia Steel Company (7.42 points).

It is reported that WSD has released the global steel competitiveness ranking since 2002 and has been released 14 times. The main topics of the global steel survival strategy conference are the global steel industry trends and future strategies, through the production scale, profitability, technological innovation, price competitiveness, cost reduction, financial stability, raw material security, etc. of 37 steel companies worldwide. 23 indicators for evaluation, scoring, and release annual steel enterprise competitiveness ranking

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