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Galvanized seamless steel pipe

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    Galvanized seamless steel pipe galvanized layer and small, only 10-50g / m2, the corrosion resistance of its hot-dip galvanized pipe is poor, hot-dip galvanized pipe. Ordinary galvanized pipe manufacturers use cold galvanized pipe as quasi-cold water and gas pipelines. Galvanized steel cold galvanized layer galvanized, layered zinc layer and the steel matrix. A thin layer of zinc, zinc layer simply attached to the steel substrate. Therefore, its corrosion resistance is poor. In new houses, galvanized steel is prohibited as a cold water supply.

Galvanized seamless steel pipe usually has two ways, one is hot dip galvanized. Second, galvanized. Galvanization including wet, dry, lead, zinc, redox method. Zinc plating by definition is a means of electrolysis and refers to a uniform, dense, good metal combination on the part surface. Electro-galvanized layer is very smooth, dense, with good mechanical properties, also has excellent corrosion resistance. The main difference between the different galvanized method is the steel pickling, what method can improve the quality of galvanized. In actual production, the general hot-dip galvanizing, mainly due to the relatively complex galvanizing process. For some special needs is the use of electro-galvanized method.

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