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Manufacturing Loss Rate of Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-11    View:1142      Tag:Manufacturing Loss Rate of Spiral Steel Pipe
The loss rate of spiral pipe manufacturing refers to the proportion of raw material waste in the manufacturing process of spiral tubes. According to years of statistics and analysis by professional technicians, the loss rate of spiral tube manufacturing is between 2%-3%.

In the process of making spiral steel tubes, the main components of the waste are: the first piece of the first piece of spiral tube, the tail and tail, the milling of the raw material, the necessary steps in the production process of the spiral tube, if the production can not be normal by the spiral tube grinding, cut off, and finally, the qualified rate of the steel pipe is very low.

When the spiral steel pipe is made, some losses can be avoided, such as the quality of the spiral pipe weld is not qualified, and the quality of the spiral tube can not be repaired. The quality of the spiral tube is not qualified, and it can not be used, which causes the waste of material. In the manufacturing process, we must strictly control each process and deal with the details in order to improve the output and qualification of the spiral tube, avoid unnecessary losses, and thus avoid unnecessary costs.
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