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45# seamless steel pipe steel water vacuum refining process

Date:2018-12-21    View:561      Tag:45# seamless steel pipe steel water vacuum refining process
  45# Seamless steel pipe steel RH desulfurization and steel liquid purification technology. With the needs of ultra-low carbon steel production, the function of RH equipment has been continuously developed and improved. From the initial single-stage molten steel degassing, it has gradually developed to meet deep decarburization, degassing, chemical heating, purification of molten steel, alloying adjustment, etc. The functional vacuum refining device can stably produce ultra-low carbon steel with a finished carbon content of less than 20×10-4%, and the extremely low carbon content reaches 8×10-4%. With the continuous improvement of sulfur content in non-oriented silicon steel, Anshan Steel has developed a new RH-TB desulfurization technology, which is to control the aluminum content in steel to 0.25%~0.3% after decarburization, deoxidation and alloying of RH-TB. The desulfurization agent is added to desulfurize the molten steel, the treatment time is 7min~10min, the desulfurizer is added in the amount of 8kg/t~10kg/t, and the lifting gas flow rate is 0.6m3/ for many years, the company adheres to the principle of “high quality and high efficiency. "Yu" business philosophy and service purposes to provide our clients with quality and cheap products and after-sales service, has won the support and praise of new and old customers. Here, all employees of the company will serve the majority of users with good reputation, strong strength, high quality products and low price. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the old and new friends and customers who have always cared, supported and helped the company! And sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperative relations with them, mutual benefit and common development. h·t~0.7m3/h·t, the desulfurization rate is controlled at 50%~60%. 
  The researchers used scanning electron microscopy to analyze the composition changes of inclusions in the refining process. After the deoxidation of Al, the inclusions in the molten steel were mainly A12O3 inclusions. After adding the desulfurizing agent, the content of MgO and CaO in the inclusions increased gradually. The inclusions are gradually transformed into MgOA12O3 spinel inclusions and CaO-MgO-A12O3 composite inclusions. After the end of the RH treatment, the inclusion component is located exactly in the low melting point region of the phase diagram.
  Under the RH cycle conditions, the alloy pipes of various specifications and materials are operated all the year round. The superior products are 45# steel pipe, 45# seamless steel pipe, 45 steel pipe, 10 steel pipe and 35 steel pipe. In addition, our company has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with major steel mills in Tianjin, Baosteel, Yegang, Baotou Steel and Chengdu, and has become the sales agent of many steel mills. Thousands of various sizes of steel pipes, the main materials are: 10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, 16mn, 27sim, 15CrMoG, 12Cr1MoVG, 10CrMo910 (P22) 1Cr5Mo (P5) 1Cr9Mo (P9) and imported materials : P11, P12, P22, P5, P9, P91, T91. Strong professionalism, strong technical force, rich production experience, good reputation, trusted by the majority of users. Our business policy is: Survive by quality, develop by product, cooperate by reputation, win customers by service. In various fields of national economy such as machinery, chemical industry, power plant, aerospace, public utilities, shipbuilding, oil field, etc., and 6000 A number of customers have grown together. The molten steel and the desulfurizing agent can fully function, and the Al content in the steel is high, and the reduced [Mg] and [Ca] react with the A12O3 inclusions in the molten steel, so the contents of Mg and Ca in the inclusions gradually increase, and finally A CaO-MgO-A12O3 low melting point composite inclusion was formed. When the [Mg] content in the molten steel reaches 0.0001% or more, spinel inclusions can be formed, and by sampling analysis, after adding the desulfurizing agent, [Mg] in the molten steel can easily reach 0.0001% or more. Similarly, as [Ca] in the molten steel increases, [Ca] also reacts with A12O3 in the inclusions, causing a gradual increase in CaO in the inclusions. After the A12O3 inclusions are converted into low-melting inclusions, they can grow by droplet condensation, which is much faster than the growth rate of solid inclusions. In addition, the adsorption capacity of the ladle top slag on liquid inclusions is much greater than that of solid inclusions, which is beneficial to the removal of inclusions.

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