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The EU is willing to start negotiations with the US on the US import quotas.

Date:2019-06-18    View:991      Tag:The EU is willing to start negotiations with the US on the US import quotas.
According to the German Business Daily reported in May 11th, June 1st is approaching. In order to avoid the escalation of trade frictions between the United States and Europe, the EU is willing to negotiate with the US side on the "import quota" with the United States, in exchange for permanent exemption status, and the EU will also give up the previously announced tariff retaliation measures. It is reported that the plan is currently in the scope of consideration, but it is not the final plan, the premise is that the limit of "import quota" is enough to be loose enough to cause significant damage to European steel production enterprises. The US side has not yet made a statement. In addition, the proposal is best proposed by the United States, otherwise the agreement will not comply with the WTO rules.
The report said the president of the United States tried to protect its steel and aluminum enterprises from foreign competition through tariff protection, and Ross, the Minister of economy, asked its trading partners to restrict exports to the United States in exchange for tariff exemption. For example, Argentina's quota is 135% of the average import in the last three years (the amount is very low in the past three years), Brazil's u. S. steel is required to decrease by 20%, and South Korea will be reduced by 30% on the basis of 2017. The European Union lost about 5 million tons of steel to the US in 2017, and will certainly not agree to such a large quota limit. So far, the EU has explicitly refused to set export restrictions voluntarily because it is a clear violation of WTO rules. Even the unilateral quota restrictions imposed by the United States do not conform to WTO rules. The European Union says it will take measures in WTO. However, if it is extremely loose quota restrictions, the EU may give up retaliation measures, because these retaliation measures are not supported by the WTO dispute settlement agency, and the basis is not sufficient.
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