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Hundreds of anshan steel industry representatives gathered in pulse industry in the future

Date:2018-12-25    View:590      Tag:Hundreds of anshan steel industry representatives gathered in pulse industry in the future
The sustained supply side structural reforms, resolutely "capacity".Executives from domestic steel mills and its upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as representatives of departments, industry associations, research institutions, gathered in 22 to 23, "steel capital" anshan city in liaoning province, summarizes the development experience from the course of reform and opening-up, the pulse industry trend in the future.As the republic of the earliest industries to establish a complete industrial system, the reform and opening-up, China's steel industry, the transition from the planned economy to market economy quickly and has become a basic industry business is one of the highest degree of marketization.China metallurgical President lu smell speech, 40 years, the Chinese steel industry since the childhood, from closing to opening, from the state-owned economy "monolith" to a variety of forms of ownership coexist, is the epitome of the development and progress of many industries.Among them, baosteel construction, expand the autonomy, strengthen quality management of wisco, shougang hangang simulation market accounting major events, such as leading the trends of the reform and open policy.In recent years, along with our country steel industry market increasingly saturated, the underlying problems began to emerge.Party secretary of the China iron and steel association, the secretary-general liu zhenjiang said, in the face of severe overcapacity and industry high debt ratio, the domestic steel industry over the years implementation of the "capacity" as the focus on the supply side of structural reforms, though paid a heavy price, but also gained great achievements."The industry through the" cold winter "in 2015, has for three consecutive years in steady growth."Liu zhenjiang said.In the face of industry, anshan iron and steel group difference control, market management and leasing management of new systems and mechanisms, planning three plate steel, iron, mineral resources and industrial services coordinated development pattern, and with the help of financial capital, "Internet +" fu to traditional industries, etc.China a heavy group in targeting intelligent manufacture to speed up the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries created new energy, new materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, agricultural machinery, finance and other new kinetic energy.Says ming-zhong liu, chairman of China a heavy group, has just come out from reform to erase a heavy is take, to achieve the world first-class enterprise.State administration of market supervision and management of the anti-monopoly bureau deputy director Xu Lefu also believes that the future across from attaches great importance to the industrial policies to emphasize the transformation of competition policy, set up open, fair and orderly market competition environment, for the transformation and upgrading of industries, including steel, provide institutional guarantee.
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