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Recently, the industry and macro environment facing the domestic 35CrMo seamless pipe market have im

Date:2018-12-27    View:573      Tag:Recently, the industry and macro environment facing the domestic 35CrMo seamless pipe market have im

   In the morning session, Linyi 35CrMo seamless pipe market price dropped by 30. Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform monitoring data shows: Youfa new national standard 1.5 inch (3.25mm) galvanized pipe price price 5380 yuan (ton price, the same below), Zhengjinyuan new national standard production 4 inch (3.5mm) galvanized pipe Price price 5030 yuan, Zhengda (Tianhong) new national standard production 6 inch (4mm) galvanized pipe price 5180 yuan.

    In terms of raw materials, the mainstream price of upstream billet dropped by 10 in the afternoon. The current mainstream of Tangshan billet is 3,600 yuan; the price of Tangshan Ruifeng 355mm strip is 3,870, which is 30 yuan lower than the mainstream price yesterday. In terms of market, the overall performance of the market during the weekend was normal. Most of the galvanized pipe factory price policy in the early trading was down by 20-30. In the afternoon, there was a separate callback plan. The current mainstream price of 4 inch (3.75mm) galvanized pipe in Hebei is 4890-5550. yuan.

    In terms of transactions, the general market sentiment was generally weak, and the local market mentality slightly weakened. The quotation of galvanized pipes of traders in Linyi area followed the decline. The snails rebounded again in the late afternoon, but the market transactions did not follow quickly. The local middle-class transactions were basically 200. About ton, the price has been carefully adjusted in the near future. In terms of inventory, short-term market volatility is expected to increase, and traders' procurement steps have slowed down. Linfen galvanized pipe market is expected to consolidate.

 Recently, the industry and macro environment faced by the domestic 35CrMo seamless pipe market have been significantly improved. The supply and demand at the industrial level have continued to improve. This has been verified from sales and inventory data in recent weeks. The growth rate of real estate investment on the macro level exceeded expectations, and the central bank lowered the standard. The release of monetary policy easing signals, market confidence has increased significantly. Driven by the positive effects of industry and macro resonance, domestic steel prices are still expected to fluctuate. Based on this, the market will maintain a positive evaluation next week – the red warning.

    The price of building materials in Shencheng has risen sharply this week. Market feedback, affected by the rise and fall of Tangshan billet last weekend, the market started smoothly at the beginning of the week. Subsequently, the macroeconomic data was released, and the confidence in the market was significantly boosted. The snail rebounded first, and the billet price climbed higher. The spot price continued to rise. This week, the cumulative increase exceeded 100 yuan, and the mainstream resource price broke through the 3800 yuan/ton mark again. .

    The recent market demand performance is good, the steel social inventories are rapidly declining, some specifications are in short supply, and the merchants are reluctant to sell their minds. The impact of environmental supervision on the steel industry has shifted from the northern regions of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to East China and South China. Under this pressure, some enterprises that fail to meet environmental standards will have temporary measures to reduce production. Therefore, the market arrival has dropped significantly, which has obvious support for spot prices. The author predicts that there will still be upside potential for Shencheng Building Materials next week.

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