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Merkel: EU will comply with the WTO rules to counter tariffs on steel and aluminum

Date:2018-06-13    View:872      Tag:Merkel: EU will comply with the WTO rules to counter tariffs on steel and aluminum

German President Merkel expressed disappointment at the decision of President Trump 10 to withdraw its decision to endorse the joint communique of the group of seven Summit (G7) summit. Merkel also said that the EU would take counteraction measures to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum in the United States.

On the 10 day, US President Trump said in his twitter message that he had instructed the US representatives not to sign the joint communiqu on the G7 summit. According to German media reports, Trump has said before that the United States agreed to this document. In view of the latest development of the situation, Merkel made the same statement when he accepted an exclusive interview with German TV the same day.
Merkel described Trump's decision as "wake-up" and "somewhat frustrating" on the same day. Canada announced that it would take tit for tat measures shortly after the United States announced its decision to levy tariffs on steel and aluminum, including the European Union. Merkel said the EU will also adopt counter measures.

"We will not be slaughtered again and again, and we will take measures." Merkel also stressed that the EU will continue to abide by the WTO rules.

The press release of the German prime minister's official website said on the same day that the United States and the European Union failed to reach agreement on issues such as Iran's nuclear agreement, climate policy and free trade. Merkel, before leaving for Canada to attend the G7 summit, has said in the Bundestag that Germany will work to safeguard its success in trade and climate issues during its presidency of the group of twenty (G20) and Italy as president of G7 last year, without retrogression.
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