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Japan, Europe and China's seamless steel pipe anti-dumping industry has won the call for market supp

Date:2018-12-27    View:601      Tag:Japan, Europe and China's seamless steel pipe anti-dumping industry has won the call for market supp

  Recently, the head of the Treaty and Law Department of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China responded to the "Report on the Dispute of the Anti-dumping Measures against High-Performance Seamless Steel Tubes in Japan and the European Union against China" issued by the WTO (WTO) Dispute Settlement Appeals on October 14. I regret that the Appellate Body's ruling on price impact analysis, causality analysis, and cost adjustment and fair comparison related to the calculation of dumping margins. The Chinese side will carefully evaluate the Appellate Body report and the expert group report, and will properly handle the implementation of the case in accordance with WTO rules.

  In fact, in the dispute between Japan and the EU against China's high-performance seamless steel pipe anti-dumping measures, the WTO Dispute Settlement Appeals Office finally supported the claims of Japan and the European Union and ruled that China lost the case.

  "In March of this year, China filed an appeal against the report on China's defeat, but according to the WTO dispute settlement rules and procedures, the Appellate Body made a final judgment. Compliance and enforcement are treaty obligations that WTO members must fulfill. An unnamed lawyer who understands the progress of the case introduced to the "Securities Daily" reporter and admitted that "after the WTO has made a final ruling, in addition to revoking previous anti-dumping measures in accordance with the ruling, China can also implement anti-dumping investigations." Analyze the relevant materials and give a new anti-dumping ruling, but the outcome of the ruling is unknown."

  Zheng Jieying, secretary-general of Jiuli Special Materials, who was interviewed by the Securities Daily, believes that “the impact of this incident on the Chinese seamless steel pipe industry will depend on the market supply and demand of the thermal power industry and the downstream recognition of domestically produced products. To evaluate."

  The so-called high-performance stainless steel seamless steel pipe is mainly used for superheater and reheater in supercritical boilers and ultra-supercritical boilers of power stations.

  As early as 2012, as the high-performance stainless steel seamless steel pipe producers in Japan and the European Union sold goods in China at unfairly low prices, the Ministry of Commerce decided to follow the final decision on the anti-dumping case of high-performance stainless steel seamless steel pipes. The above-mentioned products produced in the EU and Japan are subject to an anti-dumping duty of 9.2%-14.4%, and the implementation period is 5 years.

  But then, Japan and the European Union filed a complaint with the WTO in December 2012 and early 2013 respectively: Opposing China to block its sale of high-performance stainless steel seamless pipes to China.

  At that time, the views from Japan and the EU believed that since the case was proposed shortly after the EU implemented anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel products, the above-mentioned trade remedy measures in China were aimed at retaliation.

  Although this accusation is purely “nonsense”, in September 2010, the EU did conduct anti-dumping investigations on Chinese-made stainless steel seamless steel pipe products and imposed punitive tariffs; in December 2011, the EU ended The anti-dumping tax rate imposed on Chinese companies is 48.3%-71.9%.

  Zheng Jieying recalled to reporters, "In 2009, the market price of Super 304 stainless steel pipe was about 200,000 yuan / ton, but nowadays, the market price of this model is only less than 70,000 yuan / ton. In general, The dumping of the EU and Japan has had an impact on the domestic industry and is also a key factor in the price dip of related products.

  "But in this pattern, with the acceleration of localization and the market's gradual recognition of domestically produced products, products from Japan and the EU will be replaced in the future." Zheng Jieying further introduced, for example, "Super 304 stainless steel pipe" in China including long time. A total of 4 companies and 5 companies have production capacity, and their quality and cost are equal to international advanced products.

  Zheng Jieying emphasized to reporters that "the market should be called for more support for localization."

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