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Why do we have to heat treat the steel?

Date:2018-12-28    View:344      Tag:Why do we have to heat treat the steel?
  Heat treatment (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial and metal processing processes used to alter the physical properties of materials, sometimes chemical properties. Heat treatment of steel can be defined as the application of heat to change the properties or state of the steel. The heat can be measured by the temperature of the steel to be treated. The temperature can be cold or hot when touched, so the process temperature range can range from very cold to very hot. Alternatively, in terms of temperature, the range can be from cold negative temperature to hot addition temperature. 
  The heat treatment is a process of heating to a temperature, soaking at that temperature and then cooling from the temperature. So why do we have to heat-treat steel for steel? 
  Steel can be classified in various ways. The main alloying element is carbon, which affects the hardness and mechanical properties of the steel. It is necessary to heat the steel to change its state and mechanical properties so that the steel is manufactured or its life cycle. kick in.

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