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What are the classifications of hot rolled products?

Date:2019-02-22    View:579      Tag:What are the classifications of hot rolled products?
Hot rolled products are generally divided into two categories, one is hot rolled slabs and the other is hot rolled coil. Hot-rolled thick plate refers to aluminum alloy sheet with a thickness of not less than 6.0mm. The main varieties are hot-rolled sheet (H112), annealed sheet (0), quenched or quenched pre-stretched sheet, etc. Hot-rolled thick plates are usually used in hot rolling mills. It is produced by the block method. The typical process flow is: ingot (homogenization) → milling, milling edge - + heating + hot rolling shear interruption straightening.

The aluminum alloy sheet with thickness less than 6.0mm is produced by the roll method. The main task is to provide the billet for cold rolling. The process flow is: ingot (homogenization) - + milling, milling, heating → hot rolling (opening rolling) System) - + hot finish rolling (rolling and rolling) - > unwinding.
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