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Hot rolled precision welded pipe use

Date:2019-02-21    View:698      Tag:Hot rolled precision welded pipe use
The hot-rolled precision welded pipe is made by continuous casting round billet or initial rolling slab, walking beam heating furnace, high-pressure water descaling and then entering the rough rolling unit. The roughed material is cut, tailed, and then entered into the finishing mill and controlled by a computer. After finish rolling, it is passed through a laminar cooling and coiler to become a direct coil. The head and tail of straight hair curls are often tongue-shaped and fishtail-shaped, and the accuracy of thickness and width is poor. There are often wavy, folded edges, and edges of tower-shaped defects. The coil is heavier and has an inner diameter of 760 mm. The straight hair coil is processed by cutting head, cutting tail, cutting edge, multi-track straightening, and equalizing finishing line, and then processing the sheet or winding into: hot-rolled welding plate, leveling hot-rolled coil, longitudinal cutting strip And other products. The hot-rolled pickling coil should be pickled, descaled, and then oiled to become a hot-rolled pickling coil.
Precision welded pipes are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, petrochemicals, electric power, ships, aerospace, bearings, pneumatic components, seamless welded pipes of medium and low pressure boilers, etc., and can also be applied to welded casings, bearings, hydraulics, and mec. Chinese processing and other fields!
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The precision welded pipe production process combined with ordinary seamless welded pipe is a series of final pickling cold rolling processes.
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