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API5CT oil casing continues to rise

Date:2019-02-25    View:499      Tag:API5CT oil casing continues to rise
  The domestic API5CT oil casings have been operating slightly, the steel mills' prices have increased slightly, the market transactions have improved, and the manufacturers' confidence has increased; the steel pipe market price has been slightly chaotic; the domestic molybdenum market has been generally sold, and the prices have fluctuated and consolidated; the domestic vanadium market The overall performance was slightly weaker, and the overall price showed a slight loosening; the domestic steel pipe market was weak and stable, and the downstream procurement inquiry was light, and the overall market transaction was general. The domestic seamless pipe market operated steadily, and the quotations of various manufacturers maintained the previous level, and the overall transaction was light. Last week, the import mine market was mainly adjusted. Recently, the financing and mining incidents continue to ferment, and some traders are worried that the funds will be further strained in the later period, and the resources will be sold at a low price in advance to ease the pressure on funds. As the long-term spot price is lower, the resource platform is in good condition, and the low-grade minerals are more active, which has a positive effect on the transaction price. In addition, the concentrated replenishment of the steel mill also stimulates the market. Prices have risen slightly, but they are subject to a large supply and a bearish effect on the late market. The rebound has not continued and the overall market has returned to a declining state. The domestic molybdenum market was generally sold, and the price showed a concussion pattern. The general attitude of miners is optimistic. Most of the API5CT oil casings and traders believe that the market is in a slight upward trend. Most steel mills started bidding this week. The international molybdenum price showed a slight increase. The molybdenum oxide, ferromolybdenum and molybdenum chemical markets in foreign markets were generally sold. The domestic ferromolybdenum bulk market is generally sold. However, some manufacturers said that the market for ferromolybdenum is now uncertain, and it is not daring to rush to purchase raw materials. Recently, the volume of ferromolybdenum has decreased compared with the first half of May.
The previous week, with the release of the news and the short-term strength of the futures, the finished products and billet transactions were all subject to certain repair opportunities. Moreover, this rebound momentum also extended to last week. Due to the recovery of the early strip steel transaction and the slight improvement in the profile sales, the Tangshan billet increased by 20 yuan in the previous two days. The late transaction was weak, and the API5CT oil casing was once again on the sidelines. Due to the pressure of funds at the end of the month, the downward pressure on billets has increased significantly. The prices of billets in the surrounding areas such as Handan and Shanxi continue to be sorted and watched, with little change. This week, the domestic vanadium-based market as a whole showed a slight weakening performance, and the overall price showed a slight loosening. With the beginning of the procurement demand of downstream steel mills at the end of the month, the market performance was relatively active. However, due to the poor overall performance of the steel mills and the continued difficulty in capital turnover, the market price of vanadium began to show a slight decline under the pressure of steel mill purchases. The market's merchants have insufficient confidence in the market outlook, and the willingness to price is weaker than the previous period. With the gradual decline of the transaction price, the merchants with high quotations in the previous period gradually decreased, and the overall performance of the market was weak and the trend was slow. The billet market is in a weak state. At the beginning of the week, the steel market was boosted by the futures market, and the spot market turnover improved slightly. The price of steel pipe market in Hebei increased slightly, and then the API5CT oil casing continued to rise in the case of the continuous rise of the finished steel spot market.

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