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Low carbon steel pipe

Date:2018-01-06    View:584      Tag:Low carbon steel pipe

Because of the inherent characteristics of low carbon steel pipe, the scope of its use has been greatly limited. With the domestic application of some new technologies in the steel industry, many new uses of low carbon steel has been very good development and utilization of the current domestic large steel mills. At present, some large domestic steel mills or steel trading companies are actively working with the domestic large sling enterprises have worked closely together to develop a series of high-tech high-precision high-quality rigging products in the domestic and global slingers industry. In the domestic and global rigging industry, played a very good role in promoting technology, which also gives us the comprehensive utilization of low carbon steel pipe, indicating a new road. 

Low carbon steel pipe is plastic material. The stress-strain curve in the tensile process is divided into four stages: Elastic stage, yield stage, strengthening stage, local deformation stage. In the local deformation stage there are obvious yield and necking phenomenon. At the beginning of the elastic phase, fully comply with Hooke's law along the straight line, after the proportion of speed limit to accelerate, but no obvious yield stage.

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