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Piercing process

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Hot Piercing Workshop

Hot Piercing Workshop

Hot Piercing Workshop

Cross roll piercing and Pelger rolling process have a size range from approx. The outer diameter is 250 to 660 millimeters.

In general, the plastic deformation of the steel billet in a certain temperature environment, through the special mold, make the metal continuous smooth flow process, in order to achieve the requirements of deformation geometry.

Perforation is a circular cross section deformed tube made of wool.

Technology links are:
billet heating - high pressure water descaling - Thermal Centering - perforation - blow borax.

Billet heating: 
the blank optimum temperature plastic, it is the basis for the entire steel rolling.

High-pressure water descaling:
remove the heat of the blank outer oxide scale, reducing system wear resistance.

Thermal Centering:
improve low plasticity steel plasticity, effectively reduce the axial perforation resistance, reduce head loss.

Blow Borax:
remove the inner capillary surface oxide for reduced rolling resistance.

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