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Pipe cutting

Date:2018-06-19    View:467      Tag:Pipe cutting

According to the need to cut the length of the pipeline. The cutting tool has a grinding wheel cutting machine (also known as toothless saw), hand saws, cutters and other hand tools.

The grinding wheel cutting machine: suitable for cutting metal pipe or metal material, especially batch cutting is the most economical. You need to determine the needs of pipe cutting length, and then draw the cutting line. Cutting fixture before the pipe cutting machine should be firmly fixed. The machine starts slowly, press the wheel, don't slam or slam on the wheel pressure is too large, so as not to burst accident.

saw blade teeth should point to the thrust direction, saw blade to tighten, not wobble. Operation when the pressure pipe clamp fixed on the console (console height was about lm), then firmly push and pull, can one man operation, but also the two with the operation. To prevent heat and maintain lubrication can be made to Jukou drip oil. No matter use mechanical or hand according to the cutting all rong or feathered a cut section level off is smooth. Research may not be in slit fold truncation.

is the use of rollers with a sharp knife, make 3600 the card on the pipe rotation, tighten the top wire while rotating the hob until it gradually into the top pipe cut off. In this way cutting metal pipe, the pipe will tilt tube wall, not only reduces the tube diameter, also make the pipe wall is not smooth, damage to the conductor. Under normal circumstances should not be taken in cutting metal pipes. When used, if necessary, must be cut diameter steel pipe with a round file file level, so that the pipe diameter and the diameter of the same incision.

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