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Quality control procedures of casing pipe

Date:2018-06-21    View:858      Tag:Quality control procedures of casing pipe
We use a strict quality monitoring system to test the raw materials in the production process and test each product to ensure that each pipe meets the standard requirements and fully meets the requirements in the factory.

Our quality control system mainly includes the following steps:

1. in order to ensure that the raw and auxiliary materials used are all qualified products, the company evaluates and chooses the qualified suppliers according to the GB / T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000 and API standards. The quality control department inspecting the raw material inspectors, and the unqualified raw materials and accessories should not be put into use.

2. casing diameter test: this test is used to detect the straightness of the tube and detect whether the tube wall is concave or convex.

3, the quality inspection is aimed at the finished product inspection, the quality inspector needs to check to ensure that the product has no obvious defects, and all the pipes are in accordance with the required parameters and length.

4. pipe size and appearance inspection: the quality control personnel check the size and surface of the steel pipe to ensure that they meet the requirements.

5. hydrostatic pressure test: the tube is pressed into hydrostatic testing machine, and water is injected into the pipe body to ensure that the pipe can bear the internal water pressure and ensure that the pipe body does not leak water.

6. physical and chemical analysis of casing ring: this test is used to analyze the chemical composition, mechanical properties and metal structure of raw materials in pipes.

7. casing thread test: the production personnel will conduct physical examination after the yarn stage in the production process to ensure compliance.
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