What is Seam Pipe

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What is Seam Pipe

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Seamed pipe is the strip or plate bent into a circular, square and other shapes, and then welded into the surface of the connecting pipe. Pipe is the use of steel or steel strip.

With the progress of quality rolled steel production and the rapid development of welding inspection technology, the quality of welding is continuously improved. The varieties and specifications of steel pipe joints are continuously increasing. More and more regions replace the seamless steel pipe. Seams cost less than seamless steel pipe, high production efficiency.

According to different welding methods can be divided into electric arc welded pipe, high frequency or low frequency resistance pipe, gas pipe, furnace tube, Bundy tubes.
According to the weld shape classification can be divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.
According to the purpose, it is divided into general welded pipe, galvanized pipe, lance, lasso, metering pipe, roller pipe, deep well pump pipe, automobile pipe, transformer pipe, welded thin wall pipe, welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.
According to the shape of the end of the classification can be divided into round and shaped (square, equal) tube.

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