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How to Handle the Seamless Steel Pipe Fracture

Date:2018-02-23    View:933      Tag:How to Handle the Seamless Steel Pipe Fracture
Domestic high-precision seamless steel pipe generally increases the performance of the material by adding ways. After the metal-alloy and seamless steel pipe are cold-drawn, stress relief annealing is needed to eliminate the residual stress of the material, improve the structure of the material and improve the plasticity of the material so as to achieve To prevent the failure of seamless steel pipe fracture failure purposes.

At present, China's stainless steel seamless pipe is made of ordinary 45 # or 20 # steel 27SiMn steel, the strength of cold-drawn metal is increased; however, it is in the price of plastic and toughness of the metal costs. Precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe with its high dimensional accuracy and high strength performance and based on the market, we must ensure that the deformation in a certain range, in order to maximize the performance of materials to reduce the negative impact of materials.

Seamless steel pipe deformation is too small, to achieve the surface finish and dimensional accuracy requirements, can not meet the strength indicators of members; deformation is too large, seamless steel pipe plasticity, toughness to reduce too much, and the grain is too stretched to form fibrous tissue, Metals can have significant anisotropy. Cold-drawn seamless steel pipe axial elongation parallel to the direction of the grain strength increased; radial drawing seamless steel pipe perpendicular to the elongated direction of grain, but lower strength, and the maximum pressure in the seamless steel pipe The radial direction, the deformation is too large, give full play to the negative performance of the cold drawn tube.
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