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Technical Features of Thick Wall Spiral Pipe in Production

Date:2018-01-30    View:1044      Tag:Technical Features of Thick Wall Spiral Pipe in Production
1. Thick wall spiral tube forming process, steel deformation even if the residual stress is small, the surface will not have scratches. Steel pipe processing in the diameter and wall thickness range, larger diameter, greater flexibility, especially in the production of high-grade steel thick-walled pipe, especially with large-caliber thick-walled pipe has other advantages of unmatched technology to Meet more users on the pipe specifications;

2. The use of internal and external welding (fine welding) process after the first pre-welding, welding can be achieved in the best location, not prone to wrong edge, partial and incomplete penetration of welding defects, easy to control the quality of welding;

Third, the overall mechanical bulging can effectively improve the dimensional accuracy of steel to improve the internal stress distribution of steel to avoid corrosion caused by stress damage, is conducive to the construction site welding;

4. Pipe to be done nine quality inspection, with 100%, so that the entire steel production process under the effective detection and monitoring, effectively ensuring the quality of saw pipe products.
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