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Thick Wall LSAW Steel Pipe Rust Oil

Date:2018-02-26    View:777      Tag:Thick Wall LSAW Steel Pipe Rust Oil
Thick-walled LSAW steel pipe rust-proof oil to deal with, we must first understand and rust-proof oil characteristics of varieties, and their results. So this time in the purchase of goods can not be out of balance, directly save time. Here let us introduce the advantages and varieties of vertical side crepe oil Xiao side wall.

1. Quick drying
Its biggest advantage is fast, durable, versatile and can be used in harsh environments.

2. Flexible membrane
With paraffin oil or heavy oil, rust-proof top three, available a solvent cleaning.

Three. Film
Its anti-rust effect is relatively poor. But its operation is very simple. Use can reduce the harm caused by the conflict, reduce costs and ensure the productivity goes directly.
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