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ERW Pipe

Date:2018-01-05    View:891      Tag:ERW Pipe
ERW  pipe's application includes three aspects, first, for low pressure fluid transmission, such as water pipelines, agriculture & irrigation (water mains, sewerage systems, industrial water lines,; ant piping, deep tube-wells & casing); second, for machinery manufacturing, such as engineering purpose, fencing, scaffolding, line pipes etc .; third, for Gas pipe lines (pipe lines for natural gas), LPG and other non-toxic gas.

The outside diameter (OD) of ERW steel pipe is from 21.3 mm to 660 mm; its wall thickness (WT) is from 1 mm to 17.5 mm; the length of it ia from 0.5 mtr to 22 mtr (5.8 / 6 / 11.8 / 12 meters, SRL (Single the length, the nominal length is 40FT, 12m), DRL (Double the length, The nominal length is 20FT, 6m)).

The standard and grade provided by DMH United Steel Industry is ASTM A53 and Grade A / B / C.
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