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What is ssaw steel pipe?

Date:2017-12-13    View:1062      Tag: ssaw steel pipe,ssaw,ssaw pipe

SSAW steel pipe is made by hot rolled strip by extrusion forming under the normal temperature. It usually uses the technology of double wire and double-faced submerged-arc. The surface of sipral welded pipe has no scratches since the steel plate has uniform deformation and light residual stress during molding process. And SSAW steel pipe has more flexible thicknesses and diameters. 

Why the SSAW steel pipe can be widely used in the production of large diameter spiral tubes?

(1) We can use the same width of the strip steel to produce a variety of caliber spiral pipe.
(2) The specified lengths of SSAW steel pipe is not limited.
(3) The dimensional accuracy and strength of SSAW steel pipe are high.
(4) SSAW steel pipe is easy to change the size. 

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