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Thin-walled seamless pipe parts processing technology

Date:2018-05-04    View:1056      Tag:Thin-walled seamless pipe parts processing technology
Thin-walled seamless pipe fittings are increasingly used in the industrial sector because of their compact structure, light weight, and material-saving features. However, thin-walled thin-walled tubes have low strength, poor rigidity, and are easily deformed during processing, making it difficult to ensure the accuracy of parts processing. Thin-walled parts processing has become a prominent problem. There are many factors that affect the machining accuracy of thin-walled seamless pipe parts. Machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece and workpiece clamping, cutting force during cutting process, cutting heat, etc. all cause parts machining errors. Thin-walled seamless pipe parts are more difficult to machine, especially for hole machining. Due to the effect of cutting forces on the part during the cutting process, it is prone to deformation. Cause oval or medium and small, two "waist" phenomenon. In addition, thin-walled parts due to poor heat dissipation in the process, easy to produce thermal deformation, size and shape errors can not meet the requirements of the drawings, so that parts of the shape and error increases, it is not easy to ensure the quality of parts processing. How to reduce the impact of cutting force on the deformation of the workpiece, so as to fully consider the impact of process problems on the quality of the part processing, preparation test of the workpiece clamping, tool geometry, cutting amount and other processes, effectively overrun. During the deformation process of thin-walled parts, the machining accuracy is guaranteed.

    The characteristics of thin-walled parts: According to the technical requirements of the drawings, the workpiece material is processed using seamless steel tubes. The surface roughness Ra1.6 of the hole and outer wall can realize turning processing. However, the requirements for the hole diameter of 0.03 for thin-walled seamless pipe fittings are relatively high. In mass production, the process route is roughly: cutting heat treatment - vehicle end car hole - quality inspection.
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