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Types of welded steel pipe

Date:2017-12-20    View:1536      Tag:welded steel pipe,ERW steel pipe,SSAW steel pipe,LSAW steel pipe

    Do you know welded steel pipe has a big family? Here, United Steel Industry will introduce the main family member of welded steel pipe for all of you, and they are ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe and SSAW steel pipe.


First of all, we will introduce the ERW steel pipe, it’s widely use for conveying the gas, crude oil and refined oil to the cites. With a short weld seam, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness, good quality of surface, can bear high pressure and other advantages. But the disadvantage is only can produce the small dimension and thin wall steel pipe, and the weld seam is easily to bring gray spots, not fused and groove corrosion defects.


Next one is SSAW steel pipe, the steel pipe with spiral seam that using strip coil as raw material, extrusion forming under normal temperature, and welding by automatic Double wire double-sided submerged arc welding process. The advantage is can produce a variety of diameter specifications of steel, with good strengthen. And disadvantage is weld seam is too long, easy to bring cracks, pores, slag, welding partial welding defects. It’s widely use for general low-pressure fluid and pressurized fluid transportation.


The last one is LSAW steel pipe, it’s manufactured with steel plate and widely use for transport low pressure fluid. It has a large diameter, wall thickness, can bear high pressure and low temperature, and resistance corrosive advantages. In the construction of high strength, high toughness, high-quality long-distance oil and gas pipelines, most of the steel pipe are required large diameter thick-walled straight seam submerged arc. 

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