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The advantage of Stainless Steel Pipe

Date:2017-12-05    View:1170      Tag:Stainless steel pipe

Low Coefficient of Friction 

Stainless steel retains low hydraulic friction properties as compared to aging cement lined or corroded steel pipes, which results in lower water pressure losses and pumping cost savings. 


Corrosion Protection 

Coating or cathodic protection is not required for stainless steel pipe in most locations. A thin chromium-rich self-healing oxide film provides corrosion protection for stainless steel and no corrosion allowance is required. Erosion Resistance Stainless steels are much more resistant to erosion-corrosion caused by high flow rates and particulate matter than steel. They can handle high velocity and turbulence (pumps) without suffering wall thickness erosion. 


Ease of Fabrication 

Stainless steels have excellent ductility and can be formed and welded into lightweight shapes, which assists in the handling and installation of pipelines. Stainless steel pipe is highly interchangeable and easily connected with other water piping systems and materials using couplings and fittings. 


Long Pipe Lengths 

Stainless steel pipe can be ordered in 20-foot and 40-foot lengths and even 60-foot lengths for pipe diameters up to 16-inches. Ductile iron is only available up to 20 feet in length. The number of joints, and therefore cost, is reduced for long stainless steel pipe strings. 

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