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How is the development of the steel pipe industry in China in recent years?

Date:2018-01-09    View:1478      Tag:How is the development of the steel pipe industry in China in recent years?
As an important part of seamless steel pipe, steel pipe plays an important role in the development of national economy. The general trend of development of the steel industry in the world is: welded steel pipe production growth faster than the growth rate of seamless steel pipe; welded steel pipe production is far greater than the proportion of seamless steel pipe; for seamless pipe market in various areas; hot dip galvanized pipe in welding steel pipe welded steel pipe type, ERW is dominant in the production but, in the use of field pipelines, oil and gas pipelines in city gas pipeline within the longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe and spiral submerged arc welded pipe for the market.
Compared to ordinary steel structure, the steel structure has the following advantages: first, compared to the common open type steel section form, circular and square (rectangular) shape with a smooth surface, without blind angle and appearance characteristics of small area, to save anticorrosive and fireproof coating, easy to dust. Two. The wind resistance coefficient of steel tube section is small, and it has obvious advantages when exposed to fluid (such as wind and water). Three, the inner space of the steel tube structure can be used. For example, filling concrete pipe can not only improve the bearing capacity of components, but also extend the fire resistance of components. Water injection inside the pipe can make fire prevention by internal water circulation. Four. The liquid can be transmitted in the tube. At present, the oil pipeline bridge and the rain drain pipe have been developed according to this characteristic. Five. The prestressed cables can be placed in the tube and the prestress is applied in the body.
From the history of steel pipe development, the application of steel pipe structure in China is later than that of Western Europe, North America and Japan. But in the last 10 years, the steel tube structure has developed rapidly in our country. Such as Changchun stadium, Shanghai stadium, Hongkou stadium, Guangzhou stadium, the capital airport new terminal, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport new terminal, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport terminal, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, has extensive use of steel structure. Among them, the Changchun gymnasium is the largest span square steel tube Reticulated Shell project in China, which is the first time to use large cross-section square steel tubes in China. The roof of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport terminal is a large round pipe structure in China, and its corridor and elevated corridor have a square tube structure.
After 10 years of rapid growth of up to 15%, the total capacity of China's seamless steel pipe has been nearly 70 million tons. China seamless steel tube association data show that in 2010, China's seamless steel tube output increased by nearly 10% to 57 million 650 thousand tons, accounting for about half of the world's total output, of which more than 55% were welded pipes. In 2010, the surface consumption of seamless steel tubes in China was 51 million 620 thousand tons, with an annual increase of over 8%. The data of the China Iron and Steel Association showed that China produced 30 million 720 thousand tons of seamless steel tubes in the first half of 2011, up nearly 20% over the same period last year.
According to the statistics of steel consumes consumed by 17 super grade and 29 first class steel structure manufactory in China, the consumption of steel pipe accounts for 9% to 10% of the output of steel structure in China. According to the annual output of 20 million tons of steel structure calculation for construction of structure with steel tube is about 2 million tons, far less than the hot-rolled H steel, also far lower than Japan, the United States and Europe. The amount of these data show that steel pipe in our country has a large development space.
In addition, strong overseas demand is supporting sustained and stable exports of seamless steel pipes, and domestic steel mills are also actively developing businesses in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa and other new markets.
In April 2017, the output of steel was 81 million 69 thousand tons. In April, the output of steel pipe was 6 million 35 thousand tons, accounting for 7.45% of the total output of steel. In April, the national seamless tube production was 2 million 355 thousand tons, and the ring ratio decreased by 5.84% by 9.8%. In April, a total of 8 million 725 thousand tons of seamless tubes were produced in China. The output of welded pipe is also higher than that in the same period last year. The overall production of steel is higher than that of the same period last year.
More than 40% of the export products are oil field tubes, 38% are line tubes and 18% are boiler tubes. In the first 5 months of this year, China's seamless tube export volume increased by 28% to 1 million 760 thousand tons, and some market people expected the total export volume to reach 4 million tons this year.
At present, India has taken the place of the United States as China's top exporter of seamless tube. Affected by trade litigation, the United States and Europe have not even entered the list of China's top ten export destinations since 2009. Because of the recent political turmoil, some Middle East and North African countries have also declined in our country, so the number of names on the list has slipped.
In the first 5 months of 2012, the import of seamless tube in China was 109117 tons, up 4% over the same period. In recent years, through industrial upgrading, 95% of our product demand can be self realized, and the seamless tube for import is also high value super boiler tube and oil well pipe.
According to the statistics of the national statistical bureau according to the new statistical standards, there are 113 enterprises in China's iron and steel industry listed as large property enterprises, so we can see that there are many iron and steel enterprises in China. In China's economically developed Jiangsu Province, there is such a steel enterprise to produce various kinds of steel pipes, which is DMH United Steel Industry Co.,Ltd
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