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The provincial

Date:2019-06-25    View:1066      Tag: The provincial
    The aim is to introduce high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talents and promote the rapid development of enterprises. On September 26th, the Provincial “Double-Creation” Talent Appraisal Group, which was composed of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the Provincial Personnel Department, visited the company and cooperated with the Southwest Jiaotong University to develop a high-intensity magnesium alloy plate and tube processing technology. The industrialization of equipment research and development was investigated, and the special report of the implementation of the human rights summit professor was heard. The whole process was highly evaluated by the experts of the assessment team. 
    The project “High-strength magnesium alloy sheet, tube processing technology and equipment R&D industrialization” was implemented by Yangzhou Chengde Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. It is an important measure for Jiangsu Chengde Group to form an aviation research institute to implement product transformation and upgrading. 
    The project will develop high-strength magnesium alloy large-size plates and tubes of high-strength magnesium alloy plates for aerospace, spacecraft and rail transportation equipment. The chemical composition, organization optimization and technicalization of the ingots of the tubes will be developed. .
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