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Create a New Business Card of "Wisdom Made in China"

Date:2018-01-10    View:1353      Tag:Create a New Business Card of "Wisdom Made in China"
Super Fishing Ground China's 12 typhoon has been delivered to Norwegian users. Super Fishing Ground has installed more than 20,000 sensors of various types and integrated into multidisciplinary technologies such as biology, engineering, electrical and computer, which can realize automatic monitoring, feeding and cleaning. It is the first and largest contract in our country to establish a contract Deep sea semi-submersible intelligent farm. It is a fishing farm and a comfortable home for modern marine life.

FOR DMH UNITED STEEL INDUSTRY CO., LTD, as the best manufaturer in china, provides global steel procurement service. Its carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, wire pipe and galvanized steel pipe are exported to Australia, Africa, North America and other countries and regions.

Now we are not referring to the familiar tianzhou-1 sent to space, the dragon probe bottom Mariana Trench, quantum computers, combustible ice is successful. In the past few days, "China's trackless trains run on the road to the subway." China has developed the world's first UHV DC converter valve. "After the news was made, "Achievements in science and technology project, becoming the new business card of" the magic world in China "shows that the overall strength of China's engineering and science and technology has laid an important foundation for China's innovation-oriented country.

However, objectively speaking, we are not too far from an innovative country. First of all, in the coming decades, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution will be a historic one. Progress and innovation in engineering and science and technology will become important engines for promoting the development of human society. This science and technology innovation contest is more mature and practical than an innovative, faster and more sustainable innovation system. Only the frontier of science and technology in the world, the main battlefield of economy and the major national needs continue to release their potential and promote innovation and innovation so that the state is strong, the enterprise wins and the people's life is better. Second, catching up with easier-to-implement, goal-specific engineering and basic research in the area of more uncertainty about the originality of innovation may seem like "useless" and requires more investment and effort.

  Striving for a world science and technology powerhouse requires us to win strategic initiatives in the process of change, change and change. Institutional reform and institutional innovation work together, and basic research, applied research and engineering and technical cooperation. Xiangda Group will seize the opportunity to produce more and better research and development of carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, pipe, double-sided double-arc welded steel pipe and other products, we believe that the sound of "Made in China" Every day
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