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Pressure vessel with large diameter high pressure seamless pipe GB/T 9948-2013 price is not affected

Date:2019-07-25    View:1018      Tag:Pressure vessel with large diameter high pressure seamless pipe GB/T 9948-2013 price is not affected

The price of the large-diameter high-pressure seamless pipe for pressure vessels GB/T 9948-2013 is not affected by the city, and it stands proudly. GB/T 9948-2013 seamless steel pipe is suitable for seamless pipe of furnace tube, heat exchanger tube and pressure pipeline of petroleum refinery. It is a high standard seamless pipe used for high pressure and pressure vessels. As the saying goes, the price is one point of quality. At any time, the quality and price are linked. Although the sales of seamless pipes have been in the off-season, ordinary steel pipes are a price drop every day, while large-diameter high-pressure seamless pipes GB/T 9948-2013 The price has not been affected by the market, and it still stands proudly.

The large-diameter high-pressure seamless pipe includes a pipeline for transporting petroleum products in a refinery as a cracking pipe in a thermal device and a pipe for other uses in various chemical equipment. For cracking tubes operating at a working temperature of 800 ° C and a pressure of 10 MPa and working under corrosive media , it is made of alloy steel; for cracking tubes with a working temperature lower than 450 ° C and a pressure not exceeding 6 MPa, 20 steel and 10 steel can be used; For chemical equipment pipes with working pressure above 32MPA (up to 200MPA), working temperature of -40~400°C and long-term contact with corrosion medium , it should have good corrosion resistance, smooth surface, stainless steel or other Made of alloy steel, the finished product should be subjected to dynamic load test and metallographic examination.

Tubo de acero compuesto de acero inoxidable

Date:2020-11-03    View:519      Tag:Tubería de acero inoxidable

El modelo de utilidad es una tubería de acero compuesto de acero inoxidable que se utiliza para la transmisión de líquidos y gas y la transmisión por cable. Está compuesta por una tubería interna de acero inoxidable y una tubería de acero externa. No necesita aglutinante. El método de procesamiento mecánico consiste en incrustar el tubo interior de acero inoxidable y cerrarlo firmemente a la pared interior del tubo de acero exterior, que incluye el tubo de acero galvanizado. El modelo de utilidad tiene las características de estructura simple y razonable, pared interior lisa, buena resistencia a la corrosión, estabilidad, resistencia al impacto y durabilidad, larga vida útil, sin incrustaciones y contaminación secundaria en el proceso de suministro de agua. Tubo de acero compuesto de acero inoxidable

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