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When soil and ground conditions are not suitable for supporting building structures, foundation piles are needed. Pipe piles are usually used for deep foundations to transfer structural loads to strong soil conditions in deep strata or deep underground. Southland PE & Super can cut and splice carbon steel piles with various diameters and wall thickness to meet the specific load requirements of these structures. We can also manufacture piling length of up to + or 93 feet and install boards, shoes or tapered points as required. We provide mechanical and cutting torch ends for "inclined x square" or "cant x slope". Our welders have passed the AWS D1.1 certification to meet the requirements of most marine piling, bridge piling or construction piles.

Construction Foundation Piling onsite installation

85 ft Bridge Pilings  Epoxy Coated to 65 ft

Steel Pipe Piling loading onto Tractor Trailer

Foundation Piling Construction Coated Bridge Piling 85' Length Steel Pipe Piling loaded on Truck

ASTM A252 Steel Pipe Pilings

Southland Pipe offers a full range of ERW Steel Pipe, 8 5/8", 10 ¾", 12 ¾", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" and larger to 48", in various wall thicknesses from 3/16" - ¾". Pile beveling standards include "cut to 30º beveled angles" and weld filled. ERW ASTM A252 piling is available in Grade 2 and Grade 3, as "bare pipe" or optionally coated direct from our plant.

► ASTM A252 Grade 2 60,000 psi min. Tensile 35,000 psi minimum Yield ◄
► ASTM A252 Grade 3 66,000 psi min. Tensile 45,000 psi minimum Yield ◄

If you work within building construction, offshore / marine construction or bridge construction alongside contractors performing pile driving, please count on us for your pile supply. Our company fabricates and delivers "cut to length" pilings. Single random lengths, double random lengths, and uniform length pilings. Since 1992, our team has acquired a vast amount of experience quoting, producing, and delivering orders for steel  products, such as bore casings and foundation pilings. You can feel confident knowing that the construction piling supply you receive from us has highly experienced craftsmen fabricating and processing pipe and piling for your installation requirements. Our supply is "new and unused" direct from the mills. Due to our experience, our central location in the Southeast and our purchasing power, our prices are very competitive. Not only do we supply companies in the Southeast and nationwide, we ship internationally, and in most cases we deliver direct to the job site.

Welding & Fabricating Bridge Piling 93 ft length Marine Piling ASTM A252 used for piling piers, dock piling, and deep water piling Pettbone Fork Truck with 90 ft long Causeway Piling 93' Coated and Fabricated Bridge Piling leaving the pipeyard
Pipe Piling Fabrication ASTM A252 Marine Piling for Dock & Pier Piling  90' Bridge Piling Foundations - Interstate Bridge Epoxy Coated Piling for Sale

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