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The main resources of the steel pipe circulation link still appear to be broken

Date:2019-07-26    View:802      Tag:The main resources of the steel pipe circulation link still appear to be broken
The arrival of each finished product resource is relatively limited, and the main resources of the steel pipe circulation link still appear to be broken, and the rise of the futures market has obvious supporting effect on the stability of the spot market sentiment, coupled with the stable growth policy, the bottom steel market, the transaction status of the main finished products Some things have changed, and the overall price has remained strong and shocked in the short term. However, in the case of downward pressure on economic growth, the policy transmission still takes time, while the external strong stimulus has a short period of boost for the spot steel market. The domestic steel price in the second quarter may still be the bottoming process. The most important factor dragging the price of finished products is the low raw material price. In the case of oversupply, capacity expansion and lower profit margins in the steel market, the overall price of the Tianjin Pipe Plant is basically around the cost line. Therefore, the low raw material price will become the biggest constraint for the price of the finished product. The price of the steel in May is Under the stimulation of external factors, it is expected to continue the frontier.
The price of construction steel in most parts of the country has risen this week. The price increase in North China and East China is relatively obvious, and the transaction has also been enlarged. Last week, rebar futures prices continued to rise, and the increase was over 100 pairs of spot transactions and prices formed a more obvious pull. In addition, some small traders and construction sites needed to prepare for the May 1 holiday, and also promoted the pre-holiday transactions. The decline in construction steel inventories in North China and East China has accelerated this week. The total daily transaction volume of more than a dozen large households in Beijing has finally reached more than 20,000 tons. In the case of a better turnover, although rebar futures began to fall this week, Wednesday's futures prices fell sharply, and prices fell by 30 yuan on Wednesday, but the spot prices of construction steel in major cities were firmer before the holiday. Moreover, last Friday was the last day of the April settlement cycle of Hebei Iron and Steel Group. The willingness of merchants to sell at a lower price was significantly lower, which was also one of the factors that contributed to the price increase this week. In the end, Hebei Iron and Steel Group's April high-line settlement price was 2,570 yuan, the third-grade snail was 2,500 yuan, and the third-grade earthquake-resistant large thread was 2,340 yuan. The agreement for the completion of the ordering plan in May was more than 90%. When ordering in the month, you can get an order reward of 100 yuan / ton. Merchants generally reflect that the settlement price in April is too high and there may be losses. However, the relatively high settlement price also provided support for the post-market price to remain firm. The price of domestic plate market has risen and fallen this week. The price of hot-rolled coil market in most regions has risen. Especially in North China, the increase in resources is close to 100 yuan, and the prices in East China and Central China have also risen well, reaching 50 yuan. the above. At present, the national hot-rolling market has higher stocks in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and other regions have more limited stocks, making the price the biggest gainer this week.

Introducción al proceso de tubería soldada

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