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Disadvantages of Galvanized Steel Pipe

Date:2018-01-12    View:1407      Tag:Disadvantages of Galvanized Steel Pipe

1, galvanized zinc sheet appears on the surface, that is, those rough small particles do not polish, which not only affect the appearance of small particles, but also affect the use. This is because the bottom of the dregs is too agitated and the surface temperature of the galvanized sheet is too high because of the good affinity with the aluminum, aluminum and zinc in the zinc solution, except for the bottom ash float process Together, attached to the galvanized sheet surface. For example, the bottom ash is often treated to maintain the cleanliness of the galvanized steel. The temperature of the zinc-plating solution is not too high and is maintained at a suitable temperature of 440 to 450 degrees Celsius. Liquid zinc aluminum content is not high, maintained at about 0.1% is appropriate, but also pay attention to inventory will increase oxidation, etc. In short, as long as the strict production of zinc, or can be eliminated.
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2, the galvanized surface to form a thicker edge, which means that the edge of the zinc than the middle part of thick, it becomes a thick edge defects, is not conducive to the coil coiling. Rough edges are divided into high-speed and low-speed thick edges. The reason for the thick edges formed by the thick edges is poor air blowing due to the adjustment of the gas-chisel steel angle. The resulting spoiler properly adjusts the strength of the air knife. exclude.

3, if the air gap is blocked, air knife gap will form air knife marks, need special cleaning tools for cleaning.

4, gray zinc coating, which is due to a mixture of iron and zinc alloy caused.

In addition, there are some surface defects, such as air knife scratches, zinc protrusions, shell-like surface defects, ribs, etc., which require all manufacturers of galvanized steel in the production process strict operating procedures, production quality is better Products, strict process.

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