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Main Reasons Those Affect The Quality of Pipe Bend

Date:2017-12-20    View:1714      Tag:Main Reasons Those Affect The Quality of Pipe Bend

When DMH United Steel Industry manufacture pipe bend, there are some factors will influence the quality of pipe bend. How to solve those problems? High-class carbon steel pipe provider - DMH USI will share it for all of you. 


1, The role of the tube in the external force M under the role of the outer layer of the lateral wall of the tensile stress & 1 role of thinning, the lateral compression stress. The role of thickening, together N1 and N2 to make the pipe cross-section changes. Based on this factor, the main reason for the decline in the quality of the elbow is the main reason for the RX and SX. Therefore, GBJ235-82, the various pressure levels in the case of the RX value and the amount of lateral thinning are made clear, the purpose is to control the RX With the value of SX, thus ensuring quality. 


2, The bending accuracy of the pipe bend is also one of the factors affecting the quality. When we manufacture the bending foot, in addition to the size of the specifications required to control a certain range of tolerance, but also requires the user in accordance with the use of curved diameter selection of the corresponding bending tire. 


3, The pipe itself can be curved performance and surface corrosion, may also affect the quality of the elbow. On-site construction, the operator also need to understand the processing of pipe materials, processing performance and surface corrosion to make judgments. 


4, The elbow when the material outside the tensile, the medial compression of the neutral axis position and the elbow method is different from the top bending (compression bending) work when the neutral axis is about 1/3 from the outer wall, in the spin When bending (bending back), the neutral shaft is at 2/3 from the outer wall. Therefore, thin-walled pipe bending, the use of rotary method is useful. 


5, According to the acceptance of pipeline processing specifications: cold-formed steel pipe, the low pressure for the 4D, high pressure for the 5D. 

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