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Pipe welding process

Date:2018-01-17    View:977      Tag:Pipe welding process
In the pipe from the top of the arc, from top to bottom all-position welding technology, welding speed method, weld appearance, good welding quality, welding materials can be saved, reducing labor intensity is a common hand can not be more widely than now Applied to large-diameter long-distance pipe welding in the lower welding of large-diameter thin-walled tube construction of all power status has a certain promotional value.

In the welding usually choose the appropriate welding current, electrode angle and welding speed, through the direct drag or suppress the arc swing slightly finish the welding. Ordinary electrode easily dripping iron droplets and slag problems, and the use of special welding pipe for welding, welding specifications strictly enforced, we can solve these problems. Cellulose-based electrode less welding slag, arc force, enough rigidity, to prevent slag dripping, penetration of large arcs, especially thick-walled vessels and welded steel pipe bottom, you can eliminate the root shovel operation, thereby enhancing work efficiency and improve work Conditions, but because of its high hydrogen content of welding, so the domestic high-pressure pipe welding current commonly used cellulose electrode primer with low hydrogen electrode and filler cover welding.

The correct casing and nail welding is the key to ensure the quality of welding, the back of a good welding is an important factor. Spot welding is a formal part of the weld, not only requires side welding, but also to ensure the quality of welding. Spot welding length 20mm, thickness of about 3mm, gentle slope on both sides of the weld should be formed, in order to facilitate the joints.

It is very important to use the correct angle next to the welding electrode. Base welding, filling and gland angle is basically the same, but the arc length and form of transport is different. Beside the weld, the weld is controlled by its length and width. The main modes of transport are circular, circular and circular arcs, and the wrong position should be opened.
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