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Manufacturing Loss Rate of Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-03    View:975      Tag:Manufacturing Loss Rate of Spiral Steel Pipe
Spiral steel pipe manufacturing loss rate refers to the spiral pipe in the manufacturing process, raw materials, waste ratio, according to professional and technical personnel for many years of statistical analysis spiral pipe manufacturing loss rate between 2% to 3%.

In the production process of spiral steel pipe, the main components of waste water are: the first part of the spiral pipe forming, the tail, the necessary steps in the production process of the raw material mill and the spiral pipe, if the production cannot be normal, the spiral steel pipe will be milled and cut off. In the end, the pass rate of steel pipe is very low production.

When the spiral steel pipe is manufactured, there are some losses that can be avoided. For example, the welding quality of the spiral welded pipe is unqualified and cannot be repaired. The quality of the spiral welded pipe is unqualified and cannot be used, resulting in material waste. In the manufacturing process, each process must be strictly controlled and the details must be handled in order to increase the yield and pass rate of the spiral tube and avoid unnecessary losses, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs.
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